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Submission Rules

Projects shall be submitted digitally via cloud sharing platforms such as Google Drive or Dropbox, by first uploading the project content to a folder and sharing the link to the folder with through the contest submission form.

Contestants shall submit their projects in the form of either a series of digital images or digital posters in JPEG or PDF file types. There is no restriction on the number of images or posters. Visuals and text notes on the images or posters must be able to explain the whole process of the design from conceptual sketches to the final visualization or prototyping.

Along with the sheets shall be delivered a descriptive document not exceeding 400 words, summarizing the problem, ideation, design approach, solution and the aspects of sustainability. All Autodesk design tools used in the project and how they were used shall be indicated at the end of this document.

The projects must be submitted system no later than the deadline for submissions.